It all began six decades ago, when a little girl named Rita found a special piece of pottery hidden in the dirt. It was a Hummel doll’s head, a little bit chipped and weathered, but still beautiful and lovable. All she needed was a body…

Thus began Rita’s lifelong desire to sculpt.

Today, Rita’s clay sculptures are still handmade with love. As a celebrated artist, she sells her work all over the world, to clients from all ways of life. Families pass down their collections to children and grandchildren. With the collections come stories…about special occasions, memories, and the seasons of life. Each “Rita” piece is individually built. No molds are used. Every sculpture has its own personality and tale to tell.

As sometimes happens when the stars align, Rita’s children Ben and Allyson have joined her in the family tradition of sculpting in stoneware clay. Each have their own specialties and approach. Both remain deeply committed to Rita’s ethos that each piece be handmade with love.